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Atlas Antibodies has a very special story. The company was founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, who wanted to make the unique antibodies used in the project available to fellow researchers worldwide.

Available Positions

We do not have any active positions right now.

What do our employees say about us?

"Our team spirit is high and I feel it in my own team as well as in the whole company! It’s a nice human atmosphere!"

"Atlas Antibodies is in a phase of growth and development as a company. There’s a lot going on all the time and it’s exciting to be a part of it!"

"It’s an open company culture and easy to talk to anyone. If I have an idea I can just share it with our CEO as well as with my colleagues."

"It feels great to know that my work enables research against for example cancer!"

Our success

Atlas Antibodies’ products enable leading research in biology, diagnostics and medicine. We are inspired and motivated by our customers, researchers who are working to understand key biological mechanisms, and transform the way that cancer and other serious diseases are prevented, detected, diagnosed and treated.

We are proud that our success and growth as a company contributes to improving human health!